Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nine Days Away!

      Fun Fact:  I am currently freaking out because I am off to Europe in nine days. If you listen very carefully you can hear my internal screaming even from far distances.  Many of you reading this probably just giggled but I assure you, I am typing this with a straight face.  But seriously, (as serious as I can get anyway), I am getting pumped up and ready to go as I plunge into my final week of preparations for the up coming trip.  Packing, lesson planing, meetings, shopping, and so much more craziness is on my list of things to do this final week state side.  With all of the afore mentioned tasks begging for my attention, I do not have much time to inform all of you lovely folks about every detail of my prep, (not that you would even want to know), however I did want to take a moment to say thank you for all the prayer support I have received.  If you are willing to help me finacially, there is still time, and you can send a check to:

Oakwood Community Church
11209 Casey Rd
Tampa, FL 33618

Be sure and mark it with "CIERRA JONES: CZECH TRIP" so the funds are designated toward my expenses.

I'll be posting regularly from here on out so be sure and check back often to keep up with my adventures!  (And next time there will be pictures).


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