Sunday, July 19, 2015

But Wait! I Have a Good Excuse!

     I know, I know.  I have heard from my mom that my lack of posting as been causing a bit of distress back home but I assure you, I had very little time for anything other than my responsibilities there at the camp.  Computer and wifi issues also bogged down my blogging schedule so I am just now able to really post more than a sentence or two on facebook.  The team and I are back in Brno now at the penzion where we were for the first few days of our stay in the Czech.
     We all had had a ball at the ski resort and I made friendships that I know will last long after I head home next week.  Saying goodbye was beyond hard but I made it through the long farewells yesterday and I will do my best to fill all of you in on the last few days of my time there. I can't tell you everything of course, but I do want to show you a bit of a picture diary of my amazing trip to the waterfall on Mt. Pardědn.  It was breathtaking in every sense of the word.  LaVerne and I were huffing it all the way to the top as we climbed over perilous bridges, rocks and logs.  But check out these amazing views!
This was only the starting point of our expedition!  So much
beauty before we even hit the trail.

The bridges most certainly did not meet any sort of safety standards but all the
wobbly planks is what made it even more exciting!

Watch your step!  Its a long way to to the bottom!

I thought this gnarled stump was really cool in a creepy sort
of way.  The forest (which is what all of the Czech's call the
woods) was littered with these types of fallen trees.  

This was one of the few bugs that actually posed for my camera.
 Thank you bug!

Lush doesn't begin to describe all of the flowers and plants here.
Simply gorgeous shades of greens, yellows, pinks, blues and purples were
dotted across the landscape.

The dificulty of the hike did not leave me much time to take pictures.  I felt as though if I pulled my
camera out, I might just fall off the mountain!  But I just had to snap this photo of the waterfall.
Bonus:  I didn't fall of the mountain and die after taking this picture, yay me.

After that long, tedious hike we all needed a cold drink and a snack so we stopped at the pub right by the trail and had a well deserved meal.  This is my Briell and Bramorácky.  Which were both excellent.  The Bramorácky are basically potato pancakes with all kinds of seasonings including a healthy dousing of garlic.  Oh the starchy goodness!  
Now that I have reliable wifi and a little bit more time on my hands, I really will be able to post more about our camp experience.  Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

Ahoy!! (Translation: Goodbye!)

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  1. Wonderful photos! So glad you are having this terrific experience!