Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 3

Hello everyone,
  I have to say, after re-reading my last post, I can actually see the jet lag in my writing!  I’m so sorry you all had to read that…Jet lag is finally fading and Ammygray and I are getting into the swing of things.  I know I said a blog post would be up yesterday but I’m afraid I crashed once again without much getting done.  As many of you likely saw on facebook, we went to the catacombs downtown yesterday and visited the mass grave of 50,000 people. I think that these photos will speak for themselves. (I do apologize for the blur, we were not allowed to use flash so my pictures were unsteady).
The longer you look, the more skulls you see among the leg and arm bones.

Still my favorite photo

I'm not sure why these three gathered no dust but it made an awesome photo opportunity

One of the few tomb stones recovered

Like these pictures, yesterday was a bit of a blur.  I did however, have a much clearer time today as I met and worked with my interpreters, Radim and Camilla on our lessons for the teen group next week.  We have all sorts of music, games, crafts, and vocabulary planned and ready to teach!  Ammygray and I had a wonderful team meeting and dinner tonight and we have another busy, fun day planned tomorrow.  More updates with greater details and stories are on their way, just trying to find the time and energy!
Love you all very much and thanks for reading!!

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