Thursday, July 23, 2015

Volleyball: The Universal Game of Fun

As all of you know, I am already home.  Jet-lag is hitting me hard this morning so I thought it would be a great time to let you all know some more happenings in the Czech.  I still have so much to show you from my time in Europe and my heart is heavy as I think back to my time with friends.  But I wouldn't have traded a minute of it!  One of the most fun times we had at camp was the time spent on the volleyball court.  These pictures were taken by my wonderful translator, Radim.  I was playing in the game and having a great time so I can't take credit for this awesome shots!

Bret was one of our translators and apparently he could use mind control to
make the volleyball float ;)

LaVern always had her head in the game

Impatiently waiting for the opposing team to receive my serve

These ladies were on the same team, but hey, two is better than one right?

Vojta was one of my students and could jump crazy high .  Thankfully he was on my team!

Klara (also one of my students) was lucky enough to have Kelsey teacher her how to throw a football like a pro.

Being short, I had a massive disadvantage against our team leader Rob when we faced off at the net.

As you can see in this photo, there was no stopping Rob on the net.

These two silly gooses from my class, Klara and Lucie, Didn't actually play but they had fun
watching the rest of us face off.

At the end of the day though, everyone was a good sport and we had a ball hanging out together.

I don't want to flood every post with pictures but I hope all of you enjoy actually seeing what I saw while at camp.  More pictures and posts will be up tomorrow of my class and our sightseeing days as a team!

Ahoy! (That means goodbye in Czech)

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