Thursday, September 19, 2013

1:12:45:39 and counting...

Holy Cow!
  My countdown timer is freaking me out right now!
Oh.  I need to charge my phone huh?
I cannot believe how close I am to heading out of the country for 6 weeks.  My room is a mess and my nerves are even worse but the packing must go on.  I keep having these random epiphanies as I realize something else I need to take with, "Tennis balls!" or "Oh! Plastic spoons!" or "Hangers!"  or "Razors!" and "Rats, I need lip balm." and the list goes on, and on, and on.  Please don't misunderstand me, I am ecstatic and I cannot wait to leave for my adventure, after all I know that God has called me on this trip therefore everything will be fine.  However, this knowledge does not ensure that I will remember to pack enough underwear hence my stress level is higher than usual.
  There have been no grand developments that I need to inform you all of, but there are a few minor changes to plan that have occurred. Change #1:  I will be arriving home on the 2nd of November instead of the 1st.  No biggie.  Change #2:  I will be receiving my orientation on site in Guatemala instead of in Miami.  Change #3:  I can only take one bag... D: nooooooooooo...  This means I must fit my life into a 22x14x9 suitcase weighing no more than 50lbs.  *sigh*  Thanks American Airlines.  Ah well, I will survive and thanks to my wonderful family, I will be able to take one more "bag" aka my guitar.  Six weeks without strumming a tune would be torturous for me and since I don't have a ukelele...I have to purchase an extra checked bag.
    If you noticed, my phone says it's counting down to 4:30am Saturday morning. No. This is not a typo.  Sadly, 4:30am is the disgusting time I have to be up and at em' to drive (ride) down to the Miami International airport.  PRAY FOR ME!
  Many of you have asked if I will have wifi and the wonderful answer is yes :) I have a skype account all set up and you can message me while I'm on site in Guatemala. (Just search Cierra Jones) If you aren't that savvy when it comes to online communication, you can shoot me an email at
  If you're interested in where and how exactly I will be serving, you can check out this website and get all the stats.  I have received an overwhelming amount of support from all of you in these months and weeks leading up to my departure and I can't begin to tell all of you just how much it means to me.  It's a huge deal to me and a somewhat scary leap to fly off to another country for 6 weeks, but all the love and prayers that I have been lovingly smothered with has calmed my fears and reminded me just how much all of you love me.  Thank you for everything you awesome people!!

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  1. You're going to have a marvelous adventure and I can't wait to follow along!! (Pictures are nice, too!!)

    Love you!!