Thursday, September 26, 2013


  So I don't have a ton to talk about tonight, other than the fact that I did my laundry and its drying the old fashion way on rope and clothes pins in the room me and Rachel (the intern I'm serving with) share.  To be honest, I feel pretty cool too :) Silly I know.
  Yesterday, a Catholic girls school came by and brought some special treats for the kids, PINATAS! Check it out

  Needless to say, the kids enjoyed their candy and outside play time immensely.  I have to share one quick story. As you can see in the third picture down, Adres (and his twin Herson) were sharing candy with everybody they could.  Rachel and I were talking about how different, selfless and sweet these kids were compared to the average kid in America.  Lets face it, what kid frantically collects the candy from a busted pinata to give it to anyone they see who is candyless? No kid, that's who.  Anyway, while we were still talking about extraordinary children, a little girl came walking our way to snag one more piece of candy by my feet.  When she bent over, all of her lollipops fell out of her pocket and onto the ground.  Immediately, the three closest girls to the candy spill grabbed up her fallen treasures and began stuffing their loot into bags.  Of course the girl who now had no candy plopped onto the ground devastated and started crying/screaming at her peers.  It was only after several 'no, no no's! and dissaproving head shakes from Rachel and I that the three little thieves sheepishly relinquished their stolen goodies.  So much for selfless little kids...
  One more thing, they have Ramen Noodles here!  GUA style.  But apparently, they are extremely salty as is everything here in the Land of Eternal Spring. 
  Thank you all so much for your prayers, support, messages, comments, etc.  It means the world to me and I'm holding up well.  Not to sound unfeeling, but I am not suffering from homesickness. I am surrounded by wonderful people here who barely know me and can't even speak my language, yet they love and care for me like I am family.   I love it here and I can't wait to get back to loving on those babies tomorrow.



  1. The outdoor facilities look beautiful and everything is so well cared for! So glad you are having such a great time! Don't worry about not being homesick! You are fully engaged in a very special experience! YAY!