Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Hola amigos!
  Buenas dias :) I apologize for not having a post last night, I left my camera upstairs yesterday so I had no pictures I will remember it today!  Anyway I just wanted to share a quick story before I head over to breakfast. 
  Okay, story time.  The way my room is set up, I have two bunk beds pushed together, my stuff is on one bottom bunk, I sleep on the other bottom bunk, and then I have more stuff including my guitar on the top bunk above where I sleep.  Well, last night I was trying to go to sleep on my surprisingly comfy bunk bed (on the bottom remember) when thought I felt something on my foot through my blanket, but I was half asleep so I ignored it.  THEN 2 or 3 of my guitar strings let out a note like someone plucked the strings!! Petrified of whatever was big enough to poke my foot then play my guitar...I didn't get up, I just rolled onto my good ear so I couldn't hear anything else and made sure my mouth was closed.  The fact that I woke up to write this post shows that the huge bug with a passion for music did not eat me.  Praise the Lord.


  1. I can imagine this scene and laugh! So you are going for the "pretend like it's not there and it won't be" idea? Let's see how that works for you. This is too funny.

  2. You may have ended your day with fear; but you started mine with laughter!! Thanks for the great story!