Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Buenas Dias famila!
  Even though I am laying in bed still pretty tired, I could not have enjoyed  myself anymore than I did yesterday!  I stayed with my group (Bunnies) almost the entire day and I'm in love.  The bunnies are about the size of 1yr olds, however some of them are much older than their small stature would suggest.  First, Rachel and I helped feed them breakfast. Then we headed off to San Juan, check out the market square!
There was a high balcony in the middle that anyone can climb up and see all the happenings
There were chickens and ducks laying in baskets, fruits, vegetables, and tons of other useful things for sale.  My favorite part was definitely the flower section!  The flowers here are unreal, they don't even look real because the colors are so vibrant.  Now I want to introduce you to a little girl I wish I could bring home with me, Kimberly!
Kimberly decided not to smile for her picture...she wondered what I was doing.
 Kimberly is the most giggly girl I've met here so far.  Plus her laugh is oh so adorable.  I will try to get a video today and post it because I can't describe the joyful giggles that she laughs when you tickle her or just act silly.  She also is a high five queen.  If you make eye contact with her from across the room, her little hand will fly up in the air and she won't rest until you walk over and high five her or show her some kind of attention.  Then she smiles and goes back to whatever she was doing before.  ITS SO CUTE!
  There are so many feelings inside my heart I wish that I could express to you all but as my fingers clack away at the keyboard, I find words an inadequate tool to explain how I feel.  I have only been here two days but I already love these kids like I've known them since birth.  I know all the bunnies by name now, all 16 of them.  Sixteen kids in diapers with one nanny, Dora.  She is the bunnies nanny and I love her to death. 
  Well my dear readers, I must finish my breakfast so I can go meet my chicks today!


  1. I remember how beautiful the flowers were! We are glad you are having a wonderful experience.

  2. My heart is filled with joy for yours! Continue to explore both the area and your emotions. Enjoy!