Thursday, October 31, 2013

Antigua in All its Glory Part II

Good Evening my readers!
  I am so sad that my time here in Guatemala is coming to a close but I have such fond memories of my time here.  All these pictures are a huge part of those memories so I hope you enjoy them!  These first ones are of the church we visited on Sunday.  The video of the baptism is super cool to me because the girl (Rosa) should not have been there that day.  You will hear the pastor say something about it being remarkable that Rosa could be there to be baptized that day, that's because Rosa just recently had heart surgery.  I didn't get to hear her full story, but I know God is working in her life and she was being obedient to his call for her to be baptized.

Camino's Cafe is a cute little shop Rachel and I got to visit and pick up some coffee from.  It is a business of the church and they are doing a great job.

 This is the outside of the hotel where we stayed the weekend

This was the "soccer" field the guests can play on

It was getting dark so sorry it was a little blurry, but I had to show you all the amazing lucious plants growing all over the outside of the hallways and rooms.

The lovely Olivia!

Sunday night, we headed out to Hotel Rosada to celebrate Alejandra's birthday.

These two creepy guys greeted us at the door

This was the menu

This is a candle (and I'm Captain Obvious)

I promise this is just my lemonade

The BEST fetuccini I have ever put in my mouth, it was made with cream sauce and fresh shrimp and crab...yummy

Alejandra got her very own pinata and tres leches to celebrate

This was one of the lanterns I told you all about in the last post! Isn't it beautiful?!


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