Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Team Comradery and a Little Sloth

Good day to all of you!
  You might be wondering why I am posting two days in a row, well its because I'm sick, in bed again, with nothing to do.  Thankfully it's just a very sore throat that should be cleared up by tomorrow.  I'm drinking a ton of water, resting, and avoiding the urge to talk so I know I'll be better soon.  Sadly this has been my view the entire day...

Not very fun but oh well.
  I wanted to introduce you all to a little friend I have made here in Guatemala :) Check him out
His name is Jose Anibal and he has only been at the center for a few months.  Doesn't he have the most adorable smile?  I just love him to bits!  Because he is still recovering, (it takes about 6 months for the average child to recover from malnutrition) Anibal is still very weak and he doesn't do a whole lot with the other kids.  What's really cool is that I have seen him grow and get stronger during my stay here.  Now he walks a lot more and will even fight for toys like the other kids ;)  He's doing great.  Now you might be wondering why I call him my little sloth...well as soon and you pick him up, he wraps his arms and legs around you and just holds on.  He has got to be the sweetest most cuddly kid ever and I wish I could bring him home with me.
  Finally I just want to take a few moments and brag on my team this week, here are some pics:
Joe must have a magic potion that puts them straight to sleep

Jackson loves playing with the tricycles with the Chicks

Andres asked for me to take his pic, this is what he did.

Angela is such a ham
All the girls wanted in on the photo action

It was a beautiful day to play outside

Olivia informing us there was a big hole right there

Snack time was special because the kids got galletas (cookies) too!

  This team is just amazing, some are sick and all are tired but they press on and love on the kids anyway.  They are so loving and supportive and even though I am not a part of their family, they have made me feel like I am.  I'm so sad tomorrow is our last day together but I am grateful that we had the time together that we did.  Thanks again to all of you who are faithfully reading my blog and praying for me!


  1. Get better fast, Kiddo! Love the photos of your darlings!

  2. Hey sister! its your little sis. LOVE the pic of your "little sloth"!