Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let's Take a Tour + Attack of the Killer Moths

Good day my lovely family :)
  As I am still confined to my bed for most of the day because of my cold, I decided to take you folks on a virtual tour of mine and Rachel's living quarters.  I'll start with the bedroom
Mine is on the left, the right side of the room is Rachels

Yep, I still don't like making my bed

It's a kiddie table, but it works as a make-shift nightstand. Can you see all my medicine? Yuck.
It's probably obvious that I'm not the neatest person...even while in another country, but what can I say, I'm my Father's daughter ;) sorry daddy!  You might be able to just make it out in the first two pictures, but Rach and I both have our own hampers that we lug down to the laundry room once a week and we try to keep our clothes and such as organized as possible despite the fact we have no
dressers.  So there's the bedroom, follow me down the hall
Out the door and hook a left and you're on the way to the kitchen

 We have to keep the screen door closed so we avoid as many flies as possible

Aaaaaaaand, welcome to the kitchen :)

We eat all of our meals here (even if its a midnight meal cause Rach and I are famished) and let me tell you, we get some good cooking!  Art and Ilvie are the sweet couple who live here for 6 months out of the year and they cook for all the interns and teams that stay and work here at the malnutrition center.  I would take you to the bathroom, but I'll spare you the details and just let you know it's clean, big, and well, a bathroom.  Not much to see there!
  It's not much but for now its home.  Today I am feeling much better but I'm still resting so I don't relapse like last time I thought I was better.  But to avoid idleness, I decided to sweep up our dorm room while Rachel went down with the kids.  Boy, did I sweep...check it out

You might be thinking "Ew, Cierra! Why would you post a picture of dirt in a dust pan on your blog?"  I'm posting this because IT'S NOT DIRT!

  85% of it is bugs. Bugs! BUGS! Not, cool.  While there is perfect weather and no mosquitoes here in Guatemala, there are gnats, moths, beetles, and strange flying things everywhere.  Last night, Rachel and I were trying to go to sleep when we were (killer) moths.  The attack started in my bed (on my face) where I went all ninja on him, jumping out of my bed while making *cough* intimidating noises.
  Being the kind and helpful person that she is, Rachel immediately grabbed the flashlight trying to shed some light on my bed as I viciously attacked the large, fluttering intruder with my fuzzy blanket.  Alas, several other large, fluttering intruders mobbed her for the flashlight and she joined my ninjaness and was soon up making *cough cough* intimidating noises and swatting at the pesky things.  We stood on beds, threw things, jumped, smacked, screamed and stomped the things that seemed so intent on landing on our faces.  Ten minutes later, we had a mass moth murder scene before us and we tried to relax from the battle and go back to sleep, only after shutting the windows as tightly as possible.
  Despite the fact we have had some bad experiences with the bugs here, Rachel and I have made a friend who I will try to get a picture of later.  We call him our little stick friend and we both hope the praying mantis will stay in the room and eat all the bugs that are so fascinated with keeping us awake.
  Just another day in the life of two gringas trying not be mauled by moths.  Thanks for your prayers and support! Have an awesome day :)


  1. I'm just laughing at the scene! And I did think " ewe, you didn't show us the bathroom but you showed us this?!" Too funny.

  2. Thanks for the tour. I got a good visual of your "attack of the maniac moths"!! Can you put netting over your beds so you can sleep?
    Love you

  3. What a fabulous tour! I feel like I live there, too! But if that includes the killer moths, I think I'll come straight home! So glad you are feeling better; I'm sure it will last this time!