Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Its an Update! Woo Hoo!

Hey there folks,
  So I still haven't updated you all about mine and Rachel's weekend in Antigua, but I'm just going to save those for later and skip right to my work with the team this week.  This past Saturday, the Florida Hospital team arrived in GUA and they have been great with the kids the past two days they've been here.
There was a bird that got trapped inside and Blake had to catch it!

A day in the Bunnies

Kimberly finished her snack and Suzy helped her out

JB with Edgar and Alison

It was a beautiful day to play outside with the Bunnies and Chicks

Myra sliding down to Carolina her nanny

Rachel and Cindy had quite a handful of kids to keep entertained on the blanket

Myra had some fun with Sharron today

Myra was posing too sweetly to pass up a photo op

Noemi and Edwin hanging out with their favorite team member Sharron!
  As you can see the team is doing great with the kids.  For Rachel and I, things have been tough.  It's very stressful and exhausting to deal with so many new team members here at the center so please pray for patience for both of us.  We have to get up earlier and have less time during the day to get things done (like laundry and cleaning in our dorms) so we end up staying up later.  *sigh* Personally, I am having a lot of foot trouble, I have heel spurs and standing on my feet so much is killing them.  I'm fine, but it is really annoying to be in pain all day.
  While some of the kids are doing really well, a few of them are sick and struggling to put on weight.  My baby Francis who I introduced you guys to a few posts ago is sick and in the clinic with and IV.  It breaks my heart to see my baby girl dehydrated so please pray for her as well.
  As you can tell, not everything is hunky-dory here in GUA but I know that everything happens for a reason and God is still in control.  I am happy to say that Samuel is back and hopefully he's here to stay until he is fully recovered.
He has the best smile in the world but he decided to be "cool" and take a more serious photo
  Samuel is great with the other boys in his room and is a huge help, but get this: he is 13 years old.  He is severely malnourished and I am so grateful that he is here being nurtured and not in the fields working.  Thank you to all my faithful readers (like you Mrs. Bonnie!) who enjoy reading about my adventures here in Guatemala.  It is such an encouragement to me and I love you all so much.

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  1. I know it is difficult to see such unhappiness; how wonderful that you can also see all the positives and retain your sense of wonder. You make me very proud!