Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Antigua in All its Glory

Hey everyone!
  Tonight is a little bittersweet as I begin the daunting task of packing my things to head back to Arcadia.  Laundry mode is switched on and my back is killing me from hanging it all up in my room one last time.
  As promised, here is part one of all my photos from mine and Rachel's stay in Antigua. Bear with me as you scroll. The rest of this post will be in the captions of the pictures.  First, the Mayan temple ruins:

The large circles of sky used to be covered by domes on the roof

My personal favorite section of the temple, the fallen pillar

I was there, and saw this with my own eyes.  I still don't believe it can be real.

There are some obvious modern amenities... ahem, the trash can photo bombed me...

Most of the arches still consist of the original brick work

Excuse the water bottle...

The guide did not tell us where these door lead

A plaque dedicated to the history of the temple

Down down down into the catacombs.  I couldn't take pictures down there because it was soooo dark.  But let me assure you it was not at all creepy, just awesome.

A good perspective on just how tall the arches are

I think this looks Microsoft background worthy

There were pigeons EVERYWHERE
Me, Rachel, and Olivia (one of our lovely translators)
Now for the Chocolate Museum!

Dreaming of chocolate perhaps?

Pablo teaching us the evolution of the chocolate bean through the cooking process

Pablo showed us how his grandma ground the chocolate beans

The best way to open a coco bean pod? Smash it!

Pablo showing us how the Mayans dried out the coco beans

Olivia was taking a ton of pictures of us...after the 10th pic of Rachel and I, this was our reaction

The chocolate got EVERYWHERE especially on Casey's fingers

Lots of flavors to choose from

Caught red-handed...

Time for the refrigerator

The finished product

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  1. Oh what wonderful fun to make your own chocolates!! And I do adore your "Microsoft" photo! It's perfect!