Saturday, October 19, 2013

We Found the Right Outlets!

YES! Three prong power outlets, how I love you...
  So we made it to Antigua, that much you already know.  After we chilled in the hotel for a while Friday night, we headed out to the Crepe Place, aka Luna de Miel for a fabulous dinner with the girls, check it out:
Never a dull moment with our translators Olivia and Alejandra

Sweet crepes for dessert

They take dessert serious here

  I split a super yummy crepe that I can't even remember what it was called (or what was in it) with Rachel, and it was very yummy.  Something to know if you ever travel to the great country of GUA, they don't know what a lemon is.  They have limes, limes and more limes so when ordering guessed it, I got limeade.  It was...surprising to say the least and I wish I had a picture of my face when I took my first sip.  yuck.
  After dinner we made the adventurous and very bumpy trip back to the hotel for a fabulous hot shower (that was more than fabulous, I need a better word, heavenly? Divine? Extraordinary? Spectacular? All of the above) Rachel and I just crashed after that in our comfy beds.
   Saturday morning we (grudgingly) crawled out of bed and down stairs for our "continental" breakfast.  I say "continental" because it was actually a full gourmet breakfast complete with frijoles negros, pancakes, huevos, a full fruit bar, several different kinds of breads and pastries, and several other options...just LOOK

It was very good and the black glob of stuff on my plate is the mashed beans, and they are fantastic. And...we are having internet issues so I'm quite behind... I have to lead orientation tonight and then I will try to finish this post!!

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