Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hello my lovely readers!
  This is Mynor, isn't he adorable?

  Sadly, Mynor is 2 years old and he is unable to stand or sit himself up.  When I first came to the center, he was one of the first kids I changed and dressed for bed one night and I couldn't help but worry I was going to break him because he seemed so fragile.  I hurt for him as I think about his thin skin stretched over the bones of his legs and arms, every joint painfully clear because he has essentially no fat on his body.  Later that day, I completely broke down because I couldn't shake the image of his starved body from my head.  He is on his way to recovery and despite his deathly appearance, Mynor is one of the happiest children here at the center.  I had the privilege of feeding him his lunch today and he ate every bite without complaint.Go Mynor!
  If it seems like Rachel and I are never in the same room with the same kids two days in a's because we aren't.  Because she and I are the only interns here at the center now, we have the freedom to go to whatever room we see fit and where we feel like we're the most help.  More often than not, I feel like more of a burden than a help to the nannies because I'm so clueless.  The times that I feel like I'm the most assistance is at bed time when the kids need to be fed, changed, and dressed in their pjs.  Even then, the ladies here have a very specific way of dressing the kids so on more than one occasion, I or the nanny I'm working with has had to redress kids because I did it wrong...oops.
  I hope you are having a great day and I hope the weather back home is half as lovely as it is here :)

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