Monday, October 7, 2013

Drama Drama Drama

Hey Family!
  So today, Rachel and I went down to hang out with the bunnies and chicks.  They were so cute and I was snapping some pictures when the lovely sign popped up saying the INTERNAL memory was full...*sigh* I left the memory card in my laptop, facepalm.  So I don't have many pictures but I have a couple of great stories to share.
  Remember, I am working with 1 and 2 year old's and let me tell you, the drama never ends, today was no exception.  I don't even know how it all started but suddenly, three kids were crying on the other side of the room.  Holding two kids already, I tried to set down the load in my lap to see what the group of three were crying about, but then one of the kids I set down started crying.  Let's do the math: 3 + 1 = 4 Okay so now we have 4 crying kids.  I got some of them quieted so I was down to 2 crying, then two more went at it because sadly there was only one toy they both wanted...back to 4 then one that was sleeping on the ground got kicked in the face, so the sleepy and now angry kid clawed at his attacker.  Now we are at 6 crying kids and it just kept getting worse. There is one little girl named Kimberly-Paola and her self assigned role in the play room is the antagonizer of every other kid.  For example, Paola will walk up and snatch a toy away from a perfectly content baby on the ground, or she will ram her car into a little kid minding their own business, or she will randomly bash some one in the head with a toy, or do anything else that makes her peers scream.  As you might have guessed, no one likes Kimberly-Paola, and I had to pray today...a lot. 
  In other news, there is a new baby in the Canary room! Please meet Delmi-Gimena:
  At first glance, I wondered why she was here at the center because she is downright chubby.  But if you look closely (especially at her hands and feet) you will see that she is abnormally large.  Her hands and wrists are bubbled up and her feet are massive and swollen from malnutrition.  Please pray for little Delmi, that she will be able to stay here at the center for as long as she needs to get healthy.  Because the parents voluntarily drop off their kids, the center has no say in how long the child remains here.  Sometimes parents and family disagree for whatever reason and the child is taken from the center way too soon and they are still unhealthy and risk many health issues.  The culture is very different here and sometimes children are taken home for all the wrong reasons.  I have a hard time with this but all I can do is pray.

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