Thursday, October 17, 2013

First Successful Team!

Hey there my awesome readers!
  Rachel and I had a bit of an adventure last night when we tried to do laundry.  We got it all clean no problem, but when we went to hang them up to dry, we ran out of space...

  We certainly learned our lesson and from now on, we are doing laundry more often to avoid space issues in the future.
  Also in yesterday's news, the kids got hair cuts!!  Aren't they adorable?
Hugo was NOT happy to be wearing a pink cape

The rest of the ducks were so patient waiting their turn
  This morning, I headed over to the Chicks bathroom to help Carolina with bath time.  Now I have to explain something about the Chicks: they are potty training.  So every morning Carolina takes off their diapers and onesies and she lines them up all in a row on little pots (literally little bowls) and the kids sit there until they go to the bathroom. Some of them cry the entire time and others just hang out and wait for the magic to happen.  But today, one little boy (Javier is his name) was sitting there and he was staring at me when he let one rip...big time.  It was loud!  It surprised me, but it surprised him even more and he gave me a shocked expression before looking down at himself trying to see where that sound came from.  I have to say it was the cutest passing of gas I have ever seen and I doubt anything can top it.

  I had a great yet tear-filled day with the departing of our first team today.  Despite any stress from all the new people, they really were amazing with the kids and I am so happy they spent the week here.  A few details on the team itself: it consisted almost entirely of special need therapists and pediatric doctors.  Needless to say they are much appreciated and they really know their stuff.  The doctors and therapists  take special time with the kids who need it the most and they work on their mobility, eating habits, and many other needs. Please continue to pray for the kids who are struggling with illness here at the center and for the new team that comes in on Saturday!


  1. We all laughed at work! Sandi says, God has a great sense of humor! Especially when we're scanning babies and pressing on their bellies...oops!

  2. haha! yes! I am learning that God has given the children here a massive sense of humor :)

  3. And where would we be without laughter??